Go therefore and make disciples of all nations

Matthew 28:19

March 9th - March 16th we are joining Eight Days of Hope and going to Amory, MS, to help rebuild homes following the devastation of an EF-3 tornado that hit in March of 2023, damaging an estimated 1,500 homes in the area.  We are excited to help this community as they continue with their recovery efforts!  Deadline for signups is Feb 25th.

Questions?  See Channon or Josie Hard
The coffee that we all enjoy on Sunday mornings is available to purchase.  It is sold for $8/12 oz bag and all the proceeds go to Calvary Missions.  We have various roasts available, just ask what is being roasted currently and what we have available.

It is also available to purchase online at


A Bible, boxing gloves and five boys … that’s how Rock Ministries started. With its goal to reach at-risk, inner city youth with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the Rock has now grown to serve over 5000 kids through sports, arts, music, recreation, mentoring and Bible studies in the Kensington, Pennsylvania area.
Our Safe House Ministry
Modern-day slavery is the fastest-growing organized crime in the world, and we want to do our part to help liberate those impacted. Using the skills God has given us, we work to offer construction expertise, leadership, and labor to ministries who are rescuing and restoring victims of human trafficking.

Ministry Led by
Channon & Josie Hard

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