The Rock Missions Team

We are blessed to be able to partner with The Rock Ministries in Kensington, Pennsylvania, (a suburb of Philadelphia) one of the most drug infested communities in the nation.  We will be leaving July 5th and returning July 13th 2022.  Please be praying for this team of High School Juniors & Seniors and Young Adults while they are preparing to leave and while they are gone to be able to share the love of Jesus with this hurting community and to be able to serve the team that serves at The Rock everyday.  
A Bible, boxing gloves and five boys … that’s how Rock Ministries started. With its goal to reach at-risk, inner city youth with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the Rock has now grown to serve over 5000 kids through sports, arts, music, recreation, mentoring and Bible studies.

Through our church, Calvary Chapel of Kensington, we also serve the community with outreaches, support for addicts and others in need, a food pantry, and most importantly the consistent teaching of the Word of God.

Our neighborhood of Kensington is known far and wide as a center of the drug trade, with all the crime and violence that it brings. It is among the poorest neighborhoods in America where homelessness and hunger are everyday realities. Above all, it is a place that needs Jesus.

And the Rock has been privileged to witness God work in this very dark place. He is transforming lives and bringing hope to this otherwise hopeless inner-city ‘hood! He is the true Rock!