Jesus said, "Let the little children come to me..."

Matthew 19:14

A Message from our Children's Director

At Lebanon Calvary Kids we believe learning about God should be engaging and fun. Our children’s ministry program teaches the entire Word of God in a 3 year cycle.  We also create a learning environment that is full of God’s goodness and include many things that children love; games, crafts, play, music, movement, and encouraging friendships. Children from birth through fifth grade are invited to join Calvary Kids. Classes are taught and led by co-laborers in our church body who rejoice at the opportunity to raise up children in the Word of God.
Kerri Godinez

Sunday Morning

When you arrive on Sunday morning please plan to arrive a few minutes before service so you have time to check in your kids at our check-in station as you walk in the front door.  Here you will be greeted by our check-in team and we'll have people available to take you on a quick tour around our classrooms if desired.  After you have checked your kids in, we all congregate in the sanctuary to participate in family worship.  After a couple of songs together, our worship leader will dismiss the kids to go to children's church (prepare for the rolling thunder of children).  

Our Service

Where we meet: Our children meet in designated classrooms at our Calvary Downtown Property. During summer outdoor services, our children meet in the kids corrals and classroom at our Calvary Outdoors property. Classes are separated by age groups: nursery, preschool, K/1st, 2nd/3rd and 4th/5th.

Worship Time: The children learn Scripture-filled songs that help hide the word in their heart. In a 3 year cycle kids can learn up to 50 bible verses in song form!

Lesson Time: During lessons children read scripture or taught Scripture from a lesson. A video story is shared of the lesson. God has created each child uniquely and with different learning styles (visual, auditory, verbal, kinesthetic/tactile, logic) and in class we try to touch on as many of those learning styles as we can to reinforce Biblical truths.
Craft/Play/Games: This time is used for fun lesson themed crafts, open-ended play, and a time for the children to interact and enjoy fellowship with each other. This time is used to practice gentleness, sharing, respect for all, and good sportsmanship
Every week we sing songs to help memorize scripture so it can be hidden in their hearts.  Below are links to the playlist of songs we sing each week.  This is a great way to bring Sunday home.


We take the safety of your children very seriously. We have careful check-in/checkout procedures. All teachers and helpers must apply, have a criminal background check, and be informed on all policies and procedures. All teachers and helpers also wear ID badges that state who they are.
In case of emergency (fire alarm, etc.) all children, including nursery, will be escorted to far south parking lot. You may pick your children up there.

Allergy Information

If your child has allergies to food or other products please inform the volunteer at the sign-in table and they will notify the teacher of that class.

Other Information

If there is other information you would like us to know about your child please inform the child’s teacher or Children’s Director, Kerri Godinez.  If you have youth group age kids or you homeschool, please visit our Family Ministries page.

Would you like to help?

Please read over our volunteer handbook and child protection policy. If you are still interested, email Kerri Godinez and we will get you plugged into the ministry.