Mar. 19thSherry SanderbrinkJed Wassum
Mar. 26thKatie ColwellStacia Crossan
April 2ndKatie ColwellStacia Crossan
April 9thSarah SanderbrinkNathan &
Michelle Landes
April 16thSarah SanderbrinkNathan &
Michelle Landes
April 23rdSherry SanderbrinkJed Wassum
April 30thSherry SanderbrinkJed Wassum
May 7thKatie ColwellStacia Crossan
May 14thKatie ColwellStacia Crossan
May 21stSarah SanderbrinkNathan &
Michelle Landes
May 28thSarah SanderbrinkNathan &
Michelle Landes
June 4thSherry SanderbrinkJed Wassum
June 11thSherry SanderbrinkJed Wassum

If you know you will not be able to serve when scheduled or have any questions please contact Tommy Sanderbrink at 541-905-3063.

There will usually be some middle school and high school helpers. They are not on the schedule because I would like their parents to have control over how often they are in there. Thank you for your heart to serve God’s precious children.